People’s Kitchen Nagpur

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People to People Society Nagpur is running the kitchen in Corona and Lockdown crisis from 27 April to 28th June. We donated/distributed cooked food daily to about 700-800 vulnerable, poor,…

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Food distribution to Vulnerable and Poor in Nagpur

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Locations in Nagpur City: Lokmat Square, Zansi Rani Square, Savvidhan Square, Mitha Nim Dargah, Panchshil Talking Square, Chinch Bhavan, Air port metro station, Jayprakash Nagar, Chhatrapati Nagar Square, Sai Mandir,…

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Education Hut Lockdown Project

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The world is facing a very unprecedented problem due to COVID-19. India is very seriously affected and the COVID-19 preventive lockdown has changed the life of every individual in the…

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Shamsher – Started livelihood now

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Shamsher lost his 2 legs in a train accident, seeking for help but didn't get anybody. People to People Society Nagpur helped him to get artificial legs. After getting 2…

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