Migrating women and children recieved Lunch

Yesterday 4 May – Temperature 42 C, a group of 20 people we saw on hot Cement Highway, walking with their luggage, wife, children & old age. We checked & come to know that they had no food & water. They were hungry at 2 pm in sharp rays of the sun.
We provided food and water. After that, we enquired & knew they walked from Hingana and going to Sioni, 157.7 km away from Nagpur. We contacted to Additional Police Commissioner and requested so that we can arrange a vehicle for them to drop at least on the border of Maharashtra, Khawasa so that, at least their walking distance can be reduced and get rest to their legs. We are finding many people like this who have to go back to their places, We would like to arrange transportation for them to help. We would appreciate diesel or vehicle expenses sponsorer, please help for this cause in a lockdown situation, direct donate on the link: http://peopletopeople.org.in/support/covid19-relief-fund/